The worthy generation is growing

On August 26, the final stage of the Ukrainian Rugby-7 Championship among boys (birth Year 1999/2000) took place in Ivano-Frankivsk.


The team of the Khmelnytsky oblast beat the host team with a score 17:12 in a crucial match and won the second place. Odessa became the first, the team of Ivano-Frankivsk won the third place.


Oleksandr Migunov and Bogdan Zozulya were preparing the team for the competition. Some of the players are already ready to play for the main tean of Khmelnitsky RC “Podillya”. Among them are Daniil Gnatov, who became the best player of this tournament, Artem Stoyko, Denis Lisyak and Dima Vasylyshyn. The best in the capture was Vlad Rudov. A great generation of young rugby players is growing up in Khmelnytsky. It will be a good replacement for the current players.

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