Rugby is our game!

Rugby Club “Podillia”

The task of the Rugby Federation of Khmelnytsky oblast is to attract modern youth to sports and to a healthy lifestyle. Also, the goal is to hold Khmelnytsky Rugby Championship tournaments between the schools of the city. The rugby federation is ready to provide schools with young trainers, inventory, and bring children to competitions at the All-Ukrainian level.

 All workout programs are free of charge!

The Rugby Federation of Khmelnytsky oblast plans to develop rugby further, not only in schools, but also in higher educational institutions, attracting more students. Among the goals is the creation of another team involving students.

The main task of the Rugby Federation of Khmelnytsky oblast is the creation of a professional rugby team, which will be able to compete on the level already for the golden awards of the Championships of Ukraine.

President of the Federation Oleg Plakhotniuk, the Mayor of the city Olexandr Symchyshyn, coach Olexandr Migunov


The rugby club “Podillia”

History is written by events. And we believe that the best victories of Khmelnytsky rugby are still ahead.