Presidium of the Rugby Federation of Ukraine was conducted

A meeting of the Presidium of the Rugby Federation of Ukraine took place in Kyiv on December 16 at the Ministry of Youth and Sport, which was attended by all representatives or heads of regional federations, as well as members of working groups and federation committees.

President of the Rugby Federation of Ukraine Yevhen Bozhenkov has reported on the situation in rugby. He noted that in the next 2018 the Rugby Federation of Ukraine will have some freedom of action.

The main news was the participation of the Federation in a special program from the Ministry, which will be allocated additional funds. So, next year’s funding will be increased, which will have a positive impact on the situation in the Ukrainian rugby.

The participants heard the executive director of Oleksandr Vlasyuk with a financial report. After discussing it, participants outlined some items of expenditure that should be reduced or increased next year.


Oleg Plakhotnyuk and President of the Rugby Federation of Ukraine Yevhen Bozhenkov

Coaching staff is updated

An important point was the election of coaches. Thus, Andriy Kovalenko was chosen as the coach of the U18 men’s team, and Vyacheslav Kuzmenko and especially cheerleader Alexander Micunov became coaches of U18 youth team and national team.

Calendar is approved

The meeting also approved the calendar of the Ukrainian Rugby-15 Championship among the teams of the Super League and the High League. All the moments of the rugby-7 championship were finalized, which would follow the new formula. In 2018, the championship in the “Seven” will consist of 6 rounds. By the way, the priority was fixed just for rugby-7, because it is an Olympic discipline.

The trade mark “Gonga” (production of Poland) was also presented at the presidium. The distributor of this company, Vasyl Lazarenko, presented a presentation of a new form, presented balls, sports suits and other equipment. Some clubs have shown interest and will cooperate with the Polish manufacturer.


Rugby season in Ukraine will begin already on March 31. Recall that their first match Ukrainian team will hold on April 28 in Lviv. The rival of Ukrainians will be the national team of Hungary.

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