Another win – crossfit this time

Fans of rugby in Khmelnitsky had many reasons for joy this year. It would seem that with the end of the rugby season, victories also ended. But an excellent surprise at the end of the year was presented by rugby players Vlad Demetsky and Myroslav Shulyak, who won the first place in the all-Ukrainian CrossFit competitions, which took place in Kyiv recently. Both winners are players of the rugby club “Podillia”, as well as CrossFit trainers, who started their career in the sportclub “Evolution”.

With one of them – Vlad Demetsky, we had a talk.

Congratulations on your victory. What was the way to the first place?
Competitions were held in Kyiv in the largest network of crossfit gyms in Ukraine. It was the last tournament this year, which consisted of three complexes. By the sum of the performance of these three complexes, we took the first place. In our category there were forty men’s teams, and in total there were 80 teams from all over Ukraine. Each team consisted of two people – I was performing with Myroslav Shulyak. We are both players of the Khmelnitsky club “Podillya”, also we train rugby players in the crossfit system. Our team, by the way, was called – Rugby Team.

You are a crossfit trainer, also help rugby players maintain their physical form, and how does rugby help you in crossfiting?

Firstly, rugby gave a very good physical base, and secondly, a certain moral stability. Many athletes before the competition begin to jitter, there is some nervousness. Thanks to rugby, I do not have that. Having a certain competitive experience in this sport, I can transfer crossfit competitions much easier.

The outgoing year you celebrated victories not only in CrossFit, but also in rugby. Have you completely achieved what you wanted?

This is perhaps the most successful rugby year in the history of Khmelnitsky clubs. We first became silver prizewinners of the championship of Ukraine in rugby-15, and also silver prize-winners on rugby-7. In addition, we managed to win several victories at the international level. Recently, for example, went to Lithuania and won a tournament there. In general, the year was very successful.


On the rugby field: Vlad Demetsky and Miroslav Shulyak (from left to right)
What is the goal for the next year?

We would like to compete full-scale for the gold medals of the rugby championship. And in the crossfit I want to try myself in the category of professionals.


Coming back to your victory at the CrossFit competitions, who would you like to thank?

I want to say a lot of thanks, in fact. First of all, I want to thank my partner Myroslav Shulyak. Don’t want to forget someone, because the list will be very large, I want to say thanks to everyone who supported us, who believed in us.



We also thank our Rugby Team for the victory. We want to put high stakes in the next year and easily reach them – both in rugby and crossfit.

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