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First workout after vacation
On August 1, rugby players of Khmelnytsky began preparations for the second part of the season, in which our teams will fight for awards and cups in domestic competitions.


The first challenge for our rugby clubs “Podillya” and “Evolution 7’s” will be the Rugby Cup Sevens, which will take place on the 20th of August in Khmelnytsky at the central stadium “Podillya”.


President of the Rugby Federation Oleg Plakhotnyuk noted that the teams are facing the highest challenges for the current season. “I will demand victories in all matches from the players” – added Plakhotnyuk. The coaching staff headed by Olexander Migunov developed a training plan for the trainings, which includes training in the field, classes in SC “Evolution” – Crossfit, stretching, fitness. The trainings will last until August 25 and will end before the home game against “Antares” (Kyiv).

Besides, support of fans will help teams achieve their goals. We invite all fans of rugby to the central stadium “Podillya”.

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